EJB design: Applying XSL from a JSP page to dynamically created XML.

  1. I have got an JSP page, in that the XML is created dynamically and then the XSL is applied on the dynamically created XML with the JSP page, but the o/p is not getting
    transformed into HTML when XSL is invoked from JSP page.
    But when XSL is invoked from ".xml" file it is getting transformed into JSP.I am using the Cocoon framework.
  2. gfgg
  3. You may use the appropriate taglibs.
    Jakarta has got such custom tag or check out
    XML/XSL tags here: http://www.servletsuite.com/jsp.htm
  4. I use servlet filters to apply xslt to jsp output. It's perfect for that kind of thing. Filters are a new feature to the 2.3 Servlet API.

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  5. BTW: I've heard about filters. Great idea. Which web application containers support servlets 2.3 now?