EJB programming & troubleshooting: iPlanet application server 6.0 datasource help.

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    iPlanet application server 6.0 datasource help.

    Has anyone been successful deploying an application with IAS 6.0. I was unable to deploy the bank or the estore application. Now, I am trying with a more simple app., 1 jsp, 1ejb. I know that my problem is with the database connection.

    I tried to specify the datasource directly in the EJB descriptor
    Name : xxdb
    Resource class : jvax.sql.datasource
    Jndiname : jdbc/xxdb

    I also tried adding a ressouce ref in the ear file.

    In the client, I tried to lookup

    Only the last choice works for the lookup but now I have the error:
    “Failed to create a data connection with any of the specified drivers”

    xxdb is the name of my service on NT for Oracle 8.1.5

    With the J2EE SDK, everything works fine but I had to specify the url in the default.properties but there is no such file with IAS 6.0

    Any help is appreciated
  2. You need to register a datasource in iPlanet application server. You can register from the DOS command prompt,type resreg <your datasource xml file> to register it. Check out the format of the datasource files from the iPlanet samples. Hope this helps.