News: RebelLabs is doing a 5-min survey on Software Engineering Productivity, Tools & Practices

  1. RebelLabs is launching a 1-page, 5-minute (time verified by 15+ developers) Developer Productivity survey on Predictability, Quality and Technical Debt in software development:

    Geek karma points for participating! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/rebellabs-developer-productivity-report-2013

    In the past, we researched topics like restart times, tools and technologies in Java. This time looking more into organizational practices and techniques. Namely, we want to tap into the management layers and ask some questions about not only tools and technologies in use throughout organizations, but also about overall processes, policies and decision making. Plus, we want to know how developers see the entire machine from their POV, in addition to discussing with managers how decisions get made, especially those that affect dev teams.

    We really hope you'll take the 5-minutes out to share your experiences--we've declared it to contain major geek karma points! Each report we do helps you & your organization understand more. View the original blog post on RebelLabs for more details.

    Seriously, your help is needed, and appreciated!

  2. You know one thing that would help my productivity?  Having the used car salesman at zeroturnaround stop calling me after I've told them repeatedly I'm not interested.