EJB design: How to write NOW Entity-relations in view of EJB2.0 specs ?

  1. Dear j2ee users,
    I'd like to discuss about Entity Beans relationships.
    How should we desgin relationships with Entity Beans in view of the forthcoming EJB2.0 specs ? I mean what pattern could be better so that we don't have to rewrite enterely (or most) our Entity Beans when the specs 2.0 are finally released ? The Entity Coarse Pattern could fit ?
    Thanks and await your feedback.
  2. As far as I know, if you are using BMP entity beans you don't have to worry about anthing (another good reason for using BMP when there are new versions of the EJB spec). If you are using CMP and using a 1.1 CMP compatiable container you should be fine also. If you want to upgrade to EJB spec 2.0, you will need to make some changes (mostly with the remote interface). From my experience, Entity beans are very problematic, especially when it comes to performance. If I were you, I would avoid using them.