News: Despite these statistics, it seems organizations actually hate DevOps

  1. If you were a decision maker in a company with the average IT team (i.e. some programmers, some testers, some system administrators and so on) and I showed you these statistics take from over 600 engineer responses, what would you say?

    • Compared to Traditional IT Ops teams, DevOps-oriented teams spend 21% less time putting out fires on a weekly basis.
    • Compared to Traditional IT Ops teams, DevOps-oriented teams spend 33% more time improving infrastructure against failures.
    • Compared to DevOps-oriented teams, traditional IT Ops teams require nearly 60% more time per week to handle support cases.

    You'd probably say something like, "Well dang, maybe DevOps has something going for it after all!" That is, unless you SECRETLY HATE DEVOPS and only like saying that you love the concept and want to implement it next year.

    Read the full explosion here: http://zeroturnaround.com/rebellabs/why-your-organization-hates-devops-and-wont-implement-it-this-year-again/


  2. I dont secretly hate devops. I hate it openly with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

    Getting anything to work reliably using tools like puppet and chef is nearly impossible. The declaritive language of these tools is too restrictive to do anything useful so you'll just end up writing lots of little shell scripts in an awkward way. And cycle times are... well insane. You'll spend most of your time waiting for some provisioning run to complete only to find that it failed (again) on some hard to debug race condition

    devops 1 star : would not try again (unless by devops you mean the fluffy lets have developers work together closely with ops people bla bla It's hard to argue against that)

  3. So, you are in fact one of those rare folk that see "DevOps technology" as being a greater issue than the kumbaya Devs and Ops eating lunch together side of "DevOps culture". Much of the time it's the opposite. But if Puppet and Chef suck so much, why do so many people love using these and other tools, like Vagrant, Docker, Selenium, etc? They have gotten great reputations for being productivity enhancers...