EJB programming & troubleshooting: WebLogic6 installation in SunSolaris2.7

  1. WebLogic6 installation in SunSolaris2.7 (1 messages)

    I want to install weblogicserver6 in Sun Solaris server.When I see install document of WL6,they give procedure like this.

    ---Invoke the installation procedure by entering the following command:
    sh filename.bin -i console

    In this command, filename is the name of the WebLogic Server installer specific to your platform---

    What is the file name?Anyone can help me?

  2. After downloading file weblogic600sp2_sol.bin from bea site (which is wl60 installation for Solaris) just run this sequence of commands:

    chmod 700 weblogic600sp2_sol.bin
    sh weblogic600sp2_sol.bin -i console