News: 4 Stages of Rolling Your Own Logging Solution

  1. 4 Stages of Rolling Your Own Logging Solution (1 messages)

    Over the past few years we've encountered many companies that have started out on the path of rolling their own logging solution. Rolling your own solution contains a number of hidden costs and time sucks. As these systems become more complex, more time is required by the engineers who built them in order to maintain and manage these. We’ve also noticed that, overtime, these systems start off fairly simplistic and can grow into much more sophisticated solutions. Here we outline the different “role your own logging” stages we have come to see over the past few years.

  2. No, writing your own logging framework ain't "free", it's called wasting time that could've been spent writing code that adds actual value. I've had contracts where we faced the shortcomings of frameworks like log4j.. still, with all the options nowadays, especialy when it comes to something as basic as logging, you better reuse (and adapt if need be).