EJB design: re: Did all of the programmers in the world forget SQL?

  1. this container managed persistance thing that sun is shoving down our throats is very similar to microsoft tactics. they rushed something out there that was not ready and it only results in more work and less performance for developers. i for one would rather place my trust in jdbc sql to do my db calls .. i don't need sun to do it for me because they always end up doing something else i don't need!!
  2. I have not.
    For any non trivial problem, I think BMP -> JDBC -> SQL
    is the way. For simple mapping, CMP is OK. But, then is it
    worth the time mucking around with vendor specific O/R mapping tools.


  3. For a software house like ours one advantage of CMP is that it is pretty much database independant. We can deploy the EJBs without worrying too much which DB our customers have.
    For simple entity beans EJB 2.0 CMP beans can be produced much quicker than BMP beans.