General J2EE: Anyone ever passed org.w3c.dom.Document object to ejb before

  1. I use xml in my app a lot. I have to pass xml documents back and forth to some of my ejb's. But when I tried passing them as a DOM object I realized that it is not serializable. How much more overhead is involved between marshaling xml back and forth from a string than using xerces serializable classes to serialize the DOM object?
  2. Hi ,

    Yah I have tried exactly same thing . i was getting marshaling exception .
    If you are using weblogic 6.0 you can think of migrating from curent parser to weblogic xml parser . I did the same and now i can pass DOM ojbects accross EJBS. there is no difference in both the parsers & migration also does not take much time . No side effects . it is just a matter of changing import statements in your EJB .

    ~ @bhijit