XML & Web services: What's the best XML/XSL/XSLT Java parser for Weblogic

  1. Hi,

    I'm currently evaluating XML technologies for a web project.

    Most of the data will be manipulated as XML by our weblogic server. I therefore need a good Java XSLT engine (Xalan ?).

    The final HTML rendering will be done using XSL. This will be done by the server or by the browser itself if it supports XML (NS 6, IE 5.5). Thus, I also need a Java XSL engine for Weblogic that works in the same way as IE
    5.5 and NS 6. I would like to avoid having three different XSL files (server-side, NS & IE).

    And for this last transformation, should I use CSS based XML stylesheets or XSL ?

    Any comments or experience sharing welcome.


  2. check out on the integrated solution for a problem such as yours- the Cocoon framework at www.apache.org. i have found it interesting.