Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: How to upload a file to Web Server using Servlet/JSP ?

  1. Thanks for any hints.

  2. please go through book Java Servlet Programming page no:110 by Orilly publication and then also u face any prob. contact me in duttagoutam at hotmail dot com
  3. Your question is not clear.
    If you are uploading to a server that is using .jsp, try using PC Anywhere, hooking it up to your PC, and transferring files from it to the server.
    If you are trying to upload BY WAY of JSP, I have no idea.
    Hope it helps.
  4. you can get the required code from this site...
  5. I am able to store the file in the database and as well as able to retrieve but there is one limitation. If the file exceeds 3900 bytes(approx.) then the setobject method of preparedstatement stores null value. I tried setBinaryStream, it allows only 2000 bytes.

    I am using oracle thin driver. I think the problem is with the driver.

    Can anyone suggest proper driver?