XML & Web services: Configuring weblogic 6.0 for Oracle XSQLServlet-Need Help

  1. I have just downloaded oracle xdk and have successfully used oracle xml-sql utility.
    Now I want to test XSQLServlet in weblogic 6.0
    Does any body know how to map *.xsql to OracleXSQLServlet in weblogic and where to store *.xsql typr file in weblogic.
    Any input will be highly appreciated.
  2. Hello Ash,
    Assuming that you are trying to use XSU. You can download this Jar and copy that in to Weblogic and Lib and Provide the Path of the File to your Weblogic startup script.

    And then start using XSU either in your Servlets or your EJBs as you would be using in the stand alone application.

    It should be no differnet from that. If you have used any XML parsers follow the similar directions.

    Good luck,