XML & Web services: transform other metadata format to a DTD file

  1. transform other metadata format to a DTD file (2 messages)

    Is there someting like "DTD Parser" out there? Thus, I can create a DTD file from some other metadata types.

  2. Like what?

    I managed to locate a DTD generator on the web which will, given an XML file, give you a DTD for it. Clearly it might not be exact but it saved me a ton of time.

    Look for DTDGenerator on google, you'll find it.

    Other than that, I don't know of anything. Like I said, what metadata format do you want to convert?


  3. Thanks Tony.
    However, what I expect is reading another "language" that define a document structure (like EDI), and transform the document definition to a DTD format. Is there feasible solution for this purpose? Thanks.