EJB programming & troubleshooting: How do i migrate a application from Silverstream to Weblogic

  1. Hi ,

       If any of u know the way how to migrate an application from Silverstream to Weblogic . pl send me the details.

    Thanks You
  2. I have experience migrate a silverstream project to weblogic 10. it was the government project of Hong Kong. about 1500 functions. I designed a simulator framework to simulate silverstream objects, including front-end layer(viewing objects, page flow controlling), back-end layer(data access objects, invoker objects, timer schedule controlling objects, db connection pool objects), transaction trace monitering, etc. the syntex conversation same like as silverstram. after programmer copied old code to new framework, it just do a little of actions for  change and test. cantact me by email: junhay@hotmail.com