Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: where should i put the tld file when i use jsp customer tag ?

  1. I use jsp customer tag library in NetScape server, it seems the server couldn't find the tld file.
    i am not sure where should i save it and are there any other configuration i need do?
    i tested in weblogic 5.1 and everything is ok.
    thanks and i do appreciate your help if you can tell me the answer as soon as possible.
  2. did you mean JSP 'custom' tag? Regardless, you should put the *.tld file somewhere in WEB-INF and import it using

    <%@ taglib uri="..." %>.

    For example, suppose I have a web application in a directory called 'registration', and my TLD is named 'utility.tld' located in ../registration/WEB-INF/tld

    Simply import it using

    <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tld/utility.tld" %>

    You can also map the uri in the web.xml file, but you should try to get it working like this first.

    -j yi
    jyyi at yahoo dot com