EJB programming & troubleshooting: not getting DB connection from weblogic connection pool in kawa

  1. Hi..,

    I am using kawa 4.10a to develop JavaBeans for WebLogic Server 5.1.
    I have set up the debug envirinment properly and I can debug the servlets down to
    the EJBs.
    I am creating a WebLogic database connection pool. My servlets and EJBs are
    using connections from this connection pool. My problem is that, I am getting Class
    not found error fro weblogic.jdbc.pool.Driver , when this connection pool is
    accessed from an EJB during debug time.

    Same EJB works fine when executed out side kawa debug .
    More over the my servlets are getting the connections from above pool properly
    both at debug time and at when executed out side kawa debug.

    Is it a known bug in kawa.??

    Nazilin A

  2. Hi Nazilin
       I faced the same problem. It turned out to be the problem with the class path. U need to give the classpath of your driver in the startup script also , which U are using to start your server. If you are starting your weblogic server through the console , then try using a Startup script.