News: J2SE 1.4 Beta 2 posted for download

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    Beta 2 of Java 1.4 JDK has been posted for Windows, Solaris and Linux. JDK 1.4 includes a simple Assertion facility, Logging APIs, new scalable I/O, enhanced connectivity via XML, CORBA, IPv6, and JDBC 3.0 and more.

    Download JavaTM 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v 1.4.0 Beta 2 (J2SETM).
  2. Anyone do benchmark to see if 64-bit SPARC supported JDK 1.4 is faster/slower than 32-bit counterpart?
  3. Hi,

    It seems that the downloadable package for windows is corrupted
  4. No, it is fine, try downloading again, the downloaded file may be incomplete.

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    I've installed it on Windows 98 and when my machine restared, Windows was unabled to update some files so I think the Windows version might have some bugs with the installer.