News: JBossSX uses JAAS to integrate security infrastructures

  1. The open source JBoss application server security extension project (JBossSX) uses Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) login modules as its integration API which comes as a bundle with JBoss. A new article on Java World described JAAS and how to use it with jBoss.


    This is good news for those using JBoss application server. In version 2.4 of the open source application server JBossSX project, Java Authentication and Authorization Service login modules are used as its integration API. If the LoginModules that ship with the JBoss server do not integrate into your existing security infrastructure, you can write a custom LoginModule that does.
  2. Very Cool. This will give companies the option to integrate with a security infrastructure other than digital certificates - eg Kerberos. And with JDK 1.4 - which contains a sample kerberos login module - this will be very easy. Too bad that app servers like Weblogic don't have support like this - and in general support to extend the container.