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    I am Java developer that doesn’t have any experience with J2EE technology. Please give me advise:
    1. What good books about it that I should buy.
    2. Maybe some good training, information sites that I should visit.
    3. Any other suggestions.

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    Hi Ron,

    well, it depends on your work/study way. For example:

    1) A main book: Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in java". Mainly J2SDK.

    2) Ed Roman's "Mastering Enterprise Java Beans". Don´t be afraid for the title (It covers all the J2EE world)

    3) java.sun.com, of course!!! And the "Blueprints" site into it.

    Well, this is excelent for a good start.

    Good luck, pal.

    Regards, Jesus.
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    About the book part, I wouldn't buy "Mastering EJB" if I were you to get me started. It's a reasonable basic book, but by now it's gotten a bit old. For instance, I don't see any reason to start learning the EJB1.1 persistence model now, when EJB2.0 has completely replaced it.
    "Mastering EJB 2.0" should be coming out in a while, although judging by the first one it may be a little too elementary... depends on what you're going to work on.

    I'd also get a version of the latest spec (2.0 final). It's too formal for most people as reading material, but it can be very useful when you want an authorative answer.

    BTW - I also think "Thinking in Java" and "Thinking in C++" is a must have... And you can download it for free to see if you like it.

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    The number one book you shoudl get is Professional Java Server Programming J2EE Edition by Wrox Press;


    The Topical Index at;


    is a very good resource.