EJB programming & troubleshooting: Using Message Driven Beans with MQSeries, Tibco et al.

  1. I'm new to using message driven beans. The example I have built uses a JMS queue in WebLogic. Can I use message driven beans with other types of message queues like MQSeries, Tibco, and the like? If so, where/how do I map the MDB to the queues? Or maybe I do it through a JMS queue somehow?

    Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.

    Chuck Kiefriter
    Nielsen Media Research
  2. Hi Chuck Kiefriter ,

    From your explanation above, I think you want to use MQSeries with MDB. Nothing stops you doing this.

    How do I map the MDB to the queues?

    In MDB you must have given Queue name in Bean. So as long as you keep Q name it in MQSeries, Your application will work. But for this you have to Bind MQQueueConnectionFactory classes to weblogic JNDI. In your present Bean you must be using QueueConnectionFactory with some JNDI name. Bind MQQueueConnectionFactory object with same JNDI name at startup. Do not forget to remove your previous Q’s and Q ConnectionFactory from console.

    Also do not forget to make MQSeries Q’s sharable.

    - @bhijit