*Cross-vendor portal functionality (ATG - WebSphere)*


General J2EE: *Cross-vendor portal functionality (ATG - WebSphere)*

  1. I am working with a client who just finished the first phase of a WebShere implementation. They want to get started on implementing a security model, and single sign on that will encapsulate their extranet apps.

    It was decided that ATG Dynamo and the Portal Application Framework will be used to implement these features. I understand that currently, the PAF is proprietary to the Dynamo app server. However, I need to be able to encapsulate functionality implemented in another app server - in this case, WebSphere - and render output as a Dynamo portal gear.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this? Given the fact that I cannot directly implement the gear logic in Dynamo, I need to come up with a design that will utilize the Portal Application Framework and gears, but that will also use logic that is deployed as EJBs on another app server?

    Thanks in advance for your input,

  2. can you somehow proxy Dynamo to WebSphere for your application components?