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    I was running some tests in VAJ/websphere (websphere test env), and it looks like a new entity bean object is created for every method call. plus some. I thought that checking the 'reentrant' flag might make the container keep only one working copy of the bean object, but that didn't change anything. I would like to find out if there is a way to make websphere do not do that. Or is it just the test environment that does that ?
    I would appreciate your help on this subject.

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    Reentrant means in a single thread execution the bean instance will be called more than once. Consider this case. Client is calling method f1 on instance A1 and it will call method f2 on instance A2. If this method calls again method f1 on instance A1, the bean is reentrant type. If you won't check reentrant it will throw exception with the above functionality. You can restrict no of bean instances in websphere xml file.

    /Srinivas Gamini