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    I'm using WebLogic 4.5.1.
    I'm trying to install a JavaBean component (JAR file). I'm using this component in a JSP. With the JavaWebServer I put the jar file into the lib\ directory and it works. But with WeblogicServer it doesn't work.....

    What can I do???

    I'v created a WEB-INF in the public_html, a lib in the public_hml but it doesn't works!!

    What can I do???


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    try to placae the jb files in weblogic\myserver\serverclasses and see the results.

    if u didn't get try for myserver\client classes.

    for this u have to ser weblogic property sheet for jsp configuration
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    The Weblogic class path system is a long story, involving boot class path, weblogic class path and the system class path. Check out this document to get an overview.