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    According to, "In order to support the development of JBoss and ensure that the documentation remains up to date we offer printable version of the documentation for purchase." In other words, you can't download the documentation for free.

    You can read it on-line, but that's not much help if you want to read it on the train home. Also, the HTML layout makes it awkward to read through in its entirety, and if your Internet connection goes down, you're out of luck.

    You can't really use it without the documentation. Thus, if the documentation's not free, the product really isn't free, either. The phrase "In order to support the development..." gives the uncomfortable truth away.
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    Sure. Your are absolutely right. A $10 download charge for documentation that is available in HTML format puts JBoss in the same category as BEA, IBM, Sun, Borland, SilverStream and Macromedia.

    As well as the free browsable documentation, you can actually download the source of the documentation in XML format from the JBoss codebase. This is hardly restrictive or limiting.

    Charging for documentation is, I think, an excellent way to ensure wide support for good documentation...documentation continues to be the downfall of many Open Source projects.
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    Hm, I don't understand: there is absolutely no problem
    to download the JBoss-HTML-documenation. Try with "wget" ...
    Of course, you can also buy it now.