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    I have connection pooling files and i integrate with tomcat(since tomcat doesn't have connection pooling concept).How
    do i test this how many users can accessible at concurrent
    time.Actually the connection pooling concept is i keep used connection in a vector and i can reuse it.So i have to find out how size is vector to hold connection.

    Is there any free testing tool which will help me regarding how stable it is, how many users can able to handle and other performance issues.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am also trying to configure a Connection Cache using
    Oracle thin driver and tomcat 4. I used Oracle implementation of connection cache with out caching connection objects myself. I tested creating a connection cache and registering a datasource using JRUN 3.1.
    I checked the number of open connections in database to check how many connections/users are currently logged in.

    select a.sid, a.serial#, a.username,
    substr(to_char(a.logon_time, 'dd-mon hh24:mi'), 1,14) logon_time,
    a.status, a.program,a.machine, a.terminal
    from v$session a

    But in tomcat I am not able to bind a datasource to the InitialContext from my servlet. I am getting an exception saying context is read only. Could you tell me how you are
    creating connection cache in tomcat ?.
    Thank you,