Hi folks,
  I have a problem with the tomcat3.2.1 servlet engine which
  has been commimg often.The tomcat is not giveing me the
 response from the latest/updated jsp files unless it is
 restarted.What I understood is that the jsp engine
 has got the intellegence to detect the latest among the
 .java file and it compiled version.If the .java file is
 latest formed the compilation occurs and the response
 comes from the latest compiled version otherwise from the
 already existing(explained in professional jsp wrox).
  But sometimes even after making the changes in jsp file
 the response comes from the older version.After number
 of refreshes the required result comes,during this time
 various jsp files with incresing number appers in repository(work folder).
  Conceptually once the servlet is loaded in the servlet
 engine it is unloaded once the engine is shut down only.
 comment on this for the tomcat.
 regards vicky