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    I want use LDAP instead of DB. Is it a good design to use BMP entity bean for this. I tried this and it runs perfectly okay but I would like to know whether anybody has done this before and what are the pros and cons ? LDAP does not have transaction support. Will it affect the in any way ?
    Any comments will be appreciated.

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    Probably you can't substitute LDAP for Database. Though Authentication of the User can be done in two ways using LDAP or DB Username/Passowrd. They both are for different purposes.

    You should not and probably can't substitue LDAP for DB.Ofcourse depends on you App
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    Can you share some info such as what kind of LDAP server you used and how do you handle connection pooling to the LDAP server? For read only data as well as for centrally managed user authentication I feel LDAP is a very good choice, probably better than RDBMS. I plan to implement such in my current project.
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    I think LDAP in BMP is possible.
    In my experience, LDAP works fast and the speed in reading is great !!

    I use OpenLDAP 2.x. and Netscape LDAP Server. OpenLDAP works well really. But LDAP has no transaction control as I know. So, if your database is full of read data. Ya, you can design an good schema for your LDAP Server.