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    Is it possible to call a server side function from a client side html call such as onChange()? I tried onChange="<%=validate()%>"> but this does not seem to work. I also tried calling it as I normally would to client side javascript, and then calling server side javascript from client side and this does not work either. Thanks for any suggestions and help.
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    (sorry my poor english, i'm a bit tired at the moment)

    one way to do this is to submit a form with onChange()

    ..goes something like :
    <select onChange="Javascript:formname.submit();">

    and this form looks something like:
    <form name="formname" action="servlet/myservlet">

    this is one way to send a request to servlet.

    you can also send and request to servlet doing something like :

    but both these ways are something we call by the name "bubblegum" ;)