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    Hi All,

      We are starting a J2EE based project using WebLogic as our App Server. we are deploying JSP, Servlets and EJBs with WebLogic initially. Later we are planning to deploy JSPs and Servlets on Tomcat but retain EJBs on WebLogic.

      With this plan in mind, could you suggest a good IDE for development and debugging facilities for all JSP, Servlet and EJBs ? We preferably want to use one IDE for doing all development and it should be readily available.

    Thank you,

    Best Regards,
    ANJAN. B

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    Try WebGain Studio (http://www.webgain.com). As I know it allows JSP and EJB debugging. It's also pretty well tuned to work with WebLogic.
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    Check out Forte for Java
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    Check out JRun from Allaire. Right now its in beta without any debugging capabilities but the final release would hopefully have debugging capabilities.
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    check JBuilder 4