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    Hi !
    Iam new to weblogic 6.0. Let me give my requirement sypopsis.
    1. I got to have a JSP
    2. A API class (single class), which has methods to talk to database.
    3. Database.

    1. With this, what is the step (like where to store JSP file, API files and database info).

    My weblogic server is installed in "C:\bea\wlserver" directory. And Iam going to use the "mydomain" domain for the apps.

    2. Do I got to create separate web.xml and weblogic.xml for each apps or just add an entry to the existing xml files.

    3. Is there any website that speaks about this.


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    This is from the BEA developer documentation site:(

    Directory Structure

    You develop your Web Application within a specified directory structure so that it can be archived and deployed on WebLogic Server, or another Servlet 2.2 compliant server. All servlets, classes, static files, and other resources belonging to a Web Application are organized under a directory hierarchy. The root of this hierarchy defines the document root of your Web Application. All files under this root directory can be served to the client, except for files under the special directories WEB-INF and META-INF located in the root directory. Name the root directory with the name of your Web Application.This name will be used to resolve requests for components of the Web Application.

    Private files should be located in the WEB-INF directory, under the root directory. All files under WEB-INF are private, and are not served to a client.

    Place your static files, such as HTML files and JSP files in this directory (or a subdirectory). This directory is the document root of your Web Application.
    The Web Application deployment descriptor that configures the Web Application.

    The WebLogic-specific deployment descriptor file that defines how named resources in the web.xml file are mapped to resources residing elsewhere in WebLogic Server. This file is also used to define JSP and HTTP session attributes.

    Contains server-side classes such as HTTP servlets and utility classes.

    Contains .jar files used by the Web Application.

    Hope this helps,

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    I *think* this is the default behavior, but if you have a servlet in the $apphome/WEB-INF/classes directory that is not defined in the web.xml file, then it is accessible by:


    This is in response to the statement that "All files under WEB-INF are private, and are not served to a client", which is true except for servlets. However, since it is Bea's implementation, and I don't use Bea, I may be wrong. =p
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    You are right, and it is a good point.

    The Invoker servlet is typically mapped to /appname/servlet/, unless you specify otherwise.
    The Invoker servlet can load servlets by class name from any directory as long as the servlet it is loading is in the classpath.