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    Hi friends,

    can u help me?

    how can i save BLOB field in to my table , with the help of Container managed entity bean

    thanks in advance
  2. It's all dependent on your App. Server.

    Which one are you using?

  3. thanks for reply
    i am using j2ee 1.3
    pl. help me out to store blob in the database table

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    CMP Entity Bean Persistence is handled by the Vendor of EJB Container. The EJB Server application should have the Object Mapping descriptor(Deployment Descriptor) to map the field in the Database table to the entity bean. Thus you map the field and the attribute in the entity bean and forget the details. Your app server will take care of writing and reading from the BLOB.

    To do same in BMP, you need to write a ton of UPDATE TEXT ,INSERT TEXT and SELECT TEXT. The option is you have lot of control of what you do. This can even be done by SP and just call them when you like it.