Jbuilder5 & WebLogic 6.0 <EJBC Deployment Error>


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Jbuilder5 & WebLogic 6.0 <EJBC Deployment Error>

  1. I was trying out some sample code to deploy an stateful session bean in Webloic 6.0 through JBUILDER5.
    After write all the required classes and during the make process, the EJBC compiler complains of having the Bean, remote and the home class in the classpath, and these classes should only exist in the EJB jar file. I do no have the " ADD Project Classpath" option selected.

    The same code, "EJBC" compiles and works on another machine with the same settings and program installations.
    After I generate the ejb Stubs and skeletons on the other machine and port the codes back to my machine it runs fine, but i cannot still ejb complie those codes due the above error.
    I have tried hard to change a lot of settings but still can't do the ejb complie on my machine, which is an windows NT 4 workstation. I have checked my system classpath as well but cant figure out where the problem might be.
    Somebody please provide a clue of what's going on and what needs to be done to resolve this error. Appreciate your positive response from a GURU.

  2. JBuilder needs to compile the Home Interface to generate the stubs and skeleton. I think probably it fails to create the stubs and skeleton in your machine. If you add a jar file containing those stubs and skeleton it works, right. I think you need to find out what error you get while generating the stubs and skeleton. This can be seen in the output/compile window pane.

  3. this error pccurs when u hv the build directory also in ur classpath. u can remedy this by doing 1 of 2 things
    - b4 running ejbc , clean ur build directoy
    - b4 running ejbc, remove build directory from classpath

  4. Hi Subramanian,
    I did try that. Cleaned up the class files from the build directory and tried running the EJBC, but b4 running the ejbc it compiles the class files and puts it back in the build directory, and gives the same error. Is there any way we could EJBC without "JavaC" compiling these classes before.
    Thanx 4 ur response.
  5. try doing a manual build -
    - compile all java files using javac
    - make a jar of the class files generated - make sure ur .java files are not in this jar!!
    - move this jar file to some other directory
    - run ejbc in that directory

    if the same error pops up then u have the build dir in ur system classpath and u shd rm it.

    if it doesnt, then modify ur makefile to rm the class files b4 running ejbc. Note that ejbc doesnt compile ur java files again.
  6. thanks again.
    Finally managed to do that. A lot of trouble but worth the brainstorming.
    appreciate your response
  7. Could you please let me know, what exactly you did to fix this problem. I am getting this error on my Laptop(Windows 2000) , it works fine on my desktop(NT). using JBUILDER 6.0 and wls 6.1

    Thank you

  8. Never mind, I got it !!