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    Hi.. Hope u can help me..
    I am given a task of developing a discussion forum for the company's staffs and I have not get the idea of how to proceed with it.. could u provide me some help?


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    Hello there,

    First pick a technology that will be provide the foundation of the message board (i.e. XML or database).

    I prefer database storage because it's faster and easier to work with. Storing messages in XML is more portable, but more burdensome on the server.

    Basically the way I think of forums is a hierarchy of

    Forums -> Messages -> Replies

    So the way I attacked this problem is:
    1) create a table of forums
    2) create a table of messages with a foreign key to a forum
    3) (optional) create a table of replies with a foreigh key to the messages

    Number 3 is optional because you can alternatively have a column called 'parent_id' or somthing that is null when it's a parent and a id of another message if it is a reply.

    There's also the issue of hierarchy in replies (i.e. reply to a reply to a reply), in which case a recursive algorithm is often implemented. I prefer all the replies having one parent message instead since it's easier to implement.
    For simplicity's sake, I'd recommend the style of this discussion board.

    My working forum is on http://www.sdlambdas.com


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    Hi, I saw your Forum in http://www.sdlambdas.com it's very nice, but when you have lot of messages you have to scroll down, it would be better if you can show only the first 10 or 20 messages.
    It is possible to see your code ?
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    hey sorry for the delayed response.

    i've been so caught up working on other parts of the site that i haven't really had the time to add that functionality to the forum. =(

    i plan to release a free, open source version when i have the time, but currently, i'm caught up with too much stuff =(