why some pages don´t finish your load ?


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  1. why some pages don´t finish your load ? (2 messages)

    Hi !

    I have this problem with some pages. The browser (IE, NS, Mozilla) don´t detect that the page is completly loaded.
    Is this e JSP problem or not ?
  2. there can be multiple reasons..

    it may happen because of proxy (are you using proxy? if you are, don't!).

    sometimes my applications have also done that when i've had too many statements open (done too many queries into db and haven't closed those statements which i've used). if your page gets its content from the database, i suggest that you close all the statements and resultsets.

  3. I closed all ResultSets and statements, but the problem persists.
    In one case the same page, called with different parameters, works fine for one and not for another. (The code is the same)

    Is there another reason ? (I don´t use proxy)

    thank you