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    I have been doing the web based programming from last one year,Lots
     of books i had refferred which are mentioning the design issue using
     the useCases stuff,which ofcource is a part of the designing.Today
     I am able to visualize that on the server there is the object
     interaction.So it is just the object design which matters.Any system
     consists of the object which do interact among themselves to help
      In the database we are creating the tables and other utilities
     manually,we do use the s-designer which is the excellent tool.I believe that there has to be some tool by which I can do designing
     as I can do with s-designer.(Yes uml)
      But how to icorporate that in the web based project since there you
     have maximum of the objects as servlets.Hope the guys working in
     the web arena for longer time could guide me well.
    regards vicky

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    I think you are asking "is there a design tool that will design all three tiers and find the right mix between them?"

    There is no such thing (yet). Thank goodness there is always something for the human to do.
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      No that is not the case,how more the advanced tool gets de
     veloped the human still needs to do something.What I mean
     to say is how to create a object interaction design at the
     server side.Usually what people do they design database(At least for us) and then go for coding.
       We didnot spend time on object selection on the
     server side.As per my experience and understanding these
     steps has to be done before.U can see the demo applications
     in professional JSP(Wrox) where the author is using the
     uml modelling.there r various tools available for that the
     rational rose being the best.Hope u understood now.
     regards vicy
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    Thank you for clarifying. I think we're still talking about an area where human intelligence beats "artificial intelligence". Deciding where to draw the line between the objects and how they interact is the same problem whether you're designing the server side of a web app or an ordinary Java application. It requires a knowledge of
    1) the application domain (ie, accounting, MRP, materials science, whatever)
    2) desired performance characteristics (response time, throughout, etc)
    3) features & limitations of the target environment

    There is no design tool that can take these things into account.
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    Yes you are exactly right. I am looking for a tool which can help in all the 3 tiers.

    Thanks for your reply.