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  1. Problem with message driven beans (2 messages)

          I Have 2 Message Driven Beans listening on same topic. when i send messages to topic only one bean is receiving all the messages while the other one is receiving very few.I tried making the beans with Durable subscription also but did not work out. we are using weblogicserver 6.1 for hosting this beans. Can some one help me out.

    S Gopikrishna
  2. Hi S Gopikrishna ,

    I had faced same kind of problem in weblogic 4.5.1 . I had a bean which was acting as MDB .
    I made 2 instances 'up' of same Bean .

    But Only one bean was getting all messages though other Bean was free .

    In order to fix this problem I used 'Service Pack 10 '
    and the problem got solved . ( Previously I was using Service pack 12 )

    I do not know how much above diss will help you.
    But this may give a direction , for solution to your problem .

    - Abhijit

  3. Hi Abhijit Gaikwad ,
        Thanks a lot for the advise. I would appreciate if you can let me know from where i can get the service packs.

    S Gopikrishna