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    I am designing an application and want to support Globalization (internationalization) in it. I am considering two approaches for its db design
    1. have separate tables for each local with respective _ja etc. extention like done in pet store 1.1.2.
    2. use the same tables with multiple rows each for specific locale.
    Which approach is better and why?
    thanks in advance
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    Use (1) if your application, always, installed to support only a single locale. Use (2) if your application support multiple locales in a single installation. Approach (2) with a column for locale is a better strategy - unless your application will never be installed to support more than one locale (in which case you should use configuration variable to store your locale).

    Kevin Leong
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    I have 2y+ experience with i18n of J2EE(tm) applications and I can assure you the second approach is always better. Both your classes and the persistent store they do use to save their state should be structured such a way.