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    I have almost finished reading 'Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages'. I do not have any real Servlet/JSP experience except for the book examples, etc. After I finish the book, I'd like to build a rather simple web accessible student data collection tool for teachers. The teacher should be able to access the website and enter student data such as attendance, daily behavior comments, etc. I would also like it to be expandable to include reports and other uses of the data.

    I plan on storing the data on mySQL or a similar database.

    My question is: Can anyone suggest a design pattern or a similar framework that I can use as guide for this project? I do not want something as complicated as the Pet Store example, but I do not want to start on this project without proper planning.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. i suggest you use the Memento design pattern. it's pretty easy to learn and pretty fun too.
  3. Thank you for the assistance. I think the Memento pattern is an excellent first step.