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    CORBA is a Distributed Computing solution that is platform and language independent. The CORBA-Firewall spec, if widely adopted, could make SOAP redundant - is that right? What benefits does SOAP provide?
    I tried to think of some -

    a) SOAP can be implemented on HTTP, JMS, Mail etc os it is a high level protocol. It lend itself easily to Async messaging etc.
    b) It looks easy to implement and therefore is likely to be free or low cost as opposed to CORBA.
    c) Based on XML and HTTP (primarily) makes it easy to port and implement.
    d) It is an alternative to IIOP pushed by vendors like (but not limited to) Microsoft who do not generally love IIOP.


    1) Some free implementations of CORBA do exist
    2) A lot of work has gone into removing. interoperability problems for CORBA which will have to be done for SOAP.
    3) CORBA is much faster as the payload is optimized and binary.
    4) CORBA is more than just GIOP/IIOP (ie the CORBA protocol that 'competes' with SOAP). There are specs for Quality of Service, policies for adapters, activation etc(to name just a few), making CORBA a platform for 'complete' application development.

    Before I sign off - It appears strange that Firewall administrators will only open port 80 and that too for HTTP, but happily allow all sorts of traffic (SOAP for eg.) disguised as HTTP through it. If I were to allow SOAP over HTTP I might as well allow IIOP!


    m faruqui

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    CORBA is much more than SOAP. The whole point of CORBA is distributed, transactionally aware remote invocations across heterongenous platforms, languages and operating systems. Additionally there is transparent security. SOAP doesn't offer this (to the best of my knowledge). Now I'm not knocking SOAP, it is a perfectly good mechanism for many applications, but I think it has a little way to go before it can truly replace CORBA in all applications.
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    I think the OMG is looking seriously at CORBA-SOAP integration. It would be interesting to consider a POA that had policies to marshall in and out in SOAP rather than GIOP.