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TSS feedback: New year, new architect, new suggestions

  1. New year, new architect, new suggestions (3 messages)

    First off, congrats Rickard! Finally, someone to take reign and evolve TSS. I think Floyd has been slacking lately; perhaps too much hobnobbin' with Java industy elites and not enough down-and-dirty coding! (Just kidding Floyd; please don't deactivate my account)

    Here are some of my suggestions for improving TSS.

    1) Single Sign On - KEY feature to a professional site! This idea also came to my mind because of the recent article on JDJ, "Security for J2EE Application" they've got basically plug-and-play codes there!

    2) Email notification of reply to our threads, a la Floyd and I have discussed this, and clublexus is a good example of a forum that informs people of active threads. (BTW, get your 19" rims yet?)

    3) Polls on the homepage... I like polls, and they can reveal cool info about TSS user-base opinions, and can further promote other articles and pattern, such as "Vote for your favorite pattern on TSS", etc..

    4) Componentized homepage - either go with BEA's personalized server, or I can give you my old company (Kiko) taglib framework :-). But personalization promotes stickiness

    5) Matrix for comparing vendor app servers - I recall seeing a chart/matrix a while back, but this can be a nice reference for first-time buys and evaluators

    6) Assign editors/moderators to forums (once again, a la People may be interested in volunteering to moderate forums. This way we can control quality and minimize garbage.

    7) Simple statistics for posters, (once again, a la!) For example, posts will have a small signature of the poster, # of posts he/she has made, and a playful "ranking title". e.g., 0-20 posts = "Driver School", 20-100 posts = "Teenage driver", 500+ "Roadaholic", 1000+ "Daytona Champ". This is a simple but effective way to acknowledge frequent contributers to TSS.

    Well, that's it for now; when I think up of more I'll post 'em!


  2. Great suggestions! And as it happens, they are pretty much all on our todo-list, and in approximately that order.

    For 3), I absolutely agree with you, and personally I also think that polls *with comments* (a la is even more useful.

    For 4), I'll go with WebWork+SiteMesh which seems to give me the flexibility I need.

    For 5), yes we have a product directory on the todo-list, along with reviews of individual versions and accompanying discussion threads.

    For 6), this is depending on the security framework, which won't be in for the first round. If everything works out, I hope to be able to use AOP extensively for this part, so I can reuse code for these tasks easily.

    Keep 'em coming :-)

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    Just adding a few other suggestions to the excellent ones by Gene:

    1) The ability to read all the comments (or the most recent X comments) written by a particular TSS member (ala weblogs like slashdot, kuro5hin). You can already read "My Threads" so it shouldn't be too hard right?
    2) The ability to read discussions in nested or threaded modes - save BW, enhance loading time for long discussions, enable discerning choice of which comments to read etc
    3) Related to 2) somewhat - clearly delineate what comment is being being replied to (i.e. the parent comment) as opposed to each new comment being placed at the end of a discussion.

    I have no idea how hard these would be to implement so feel free to ignore them :)

    I'll post more as I think of them.



  4. I would love to be able to read the discussions through NNTP. Browser interface is to slow and impossible to use while offline.