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    Suddenley we have become the new MS marketing media. The amount of .NET posts are annoying. Even Mr. Greg Lake ( MS Product Manager ) enjoys our discusions and reactions to his ridiculous arguments. What is going on? There is so little to talk about J2EE that we have to talk about MS .NOT? I know I sound a little paranoic, but if we let this thing become greater MS would be happy to announce how the serverside community is in love whit the .NET plataform, and guess who wins here?. I'm really making a call for leadereship here...

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    There's nothing in theserverside.com that says "Java"; I would think that the goal here would be to use whatever technology and/or platform makes the most sense for a particular domain-specific problem, whether that solution is written in Java, .NET, Perl or assembler.

    Ted Neward
    {.NET||Java} Author, Instructor, Mentor
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    What about "your J2EE community"
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    Hi Omar,

      You are correct, this is "Your J2EE Community", and we will always have a J2EE centric focus (just look at our articles and patterns). However, if our members want to talk about .NET I don't see whats wrong with that. We need to be aware of and understand the competing platforms I think.

      If I only posted J2EE news on the site then our community would not be aware of whats going on outside our niche. By posting it here, at least we can get the J2EE developers 'slant' on whats going on.

    take care,

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    My company is looking at .NET or Java and I think a discussion here would be totally appropriate. The decision for something of this magnitude should be made on market share and technical capabilities not prejudice.

    I must admit that I am slanted toward Java but I need total and undeniable facts to persuade others (management and windows developers) that this is the right solution.

    I thought I could come here and get it from members that know more about the subject than I do.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Mike Guice
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    I'm in the same boat as Mike except that we already have a _significant_ investment in J2EE and a .NET solution is now being presented for a large in-house development effort. If others have gone through evaluations and have resources to share that would be helpful.

    For me as a software developer, understanding the platform (OS/hardware) differences can be the most frustrating. If anyone can point me toward balanced research comparing NT - Unix, Intel - Sparc, etc... it would be appreciated.
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    If you don't want to see .NET on TheServerSide, don't bring it up.
  8. Omar,
    I agree with you. If want to know about .CRAP, I would go MicroCrap.com. All I need to know is that it is from MS to stay the HELL away from it.