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    We are in the process of building a huge website with 100s's of navigation attributes. The navigation attributes are divided into 4 levels. All these attributes are actor dependent. Also, all these attributes are content managed (which means the business people would have the ability to change the attributes when the application is running). So ,for this reason, there is a UI screen that the busienss can use to change these navigation attributes into different levels and to change the access the control for different actors for all of these attributes.

    The output of UI would go to the database ( A schema would be designed to match these).
    The question is how would the application read this info and display all the menu attributes for different actors.
    We are using ATG app server. We could use custom tags, session and entity beans.

    I appreciate any comments.
    Thanks in advance,

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    The ability to do this is why you bought ATG. Personalization server is designed with this problem in mind.