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    Hi All,

    Actually I was confused on the topic mentioned in the following url:

    Define a JMS connection pool

    I am using Weblogic5.1 and Oracle 8i

    In the url it is written that - If you do not use persistent messages with JMS, you do not need to set up a connection pool for JMS. So, if I need persistent messages I need to set up a JDBC connection pool.
    (weblogic.jms.connectionPool=yourpoolname must be there in file)

    Question 1:
    So, I understood that if I use JDBC connection pool then my messages will be stored in DB insted of memory. And if application / Machine crashes then also the messages will be persisted. And when application comes back then JMS Queue can read those data again. Have I interpreted it correctly?

    Question 2:
    Where to mention the TABLE name and description of the colums in which the messages will be persisted? Or it will be created by default automacially?

    Question 3:
    If it is created by default automatically, then when it is created? If it takes the userid password etc from Connection Pool properties defined in file then it can be possible that it will not be able to create those tables , because the user defined in connection pool properties may not(and should not)have the Table creation permission.

    Please help me out. I am really confused.


  2. You are correct in your interpretation for Q1.

    The tables for persistence are setup via an SQL script which is included with the Weblogic download.

    A number of scripts are included for the various DBMS's. Oracle is definately one of the supported DBMS's.

    It is all documented somewhere in the WLS documentation (I think there is a seperate JMS guide). It's quite straightforward.