websphere oracle connection pooling Fail over problem


EJB design: websphere oracle connection pooling Fail over problem

  1. hello guys,
    i have an application with Websphere 3.5 and oracle 8.1.6.
    when the application is running, the oracle server went down for some reason. then, the running transactions are lost. the websphere doesn't allow new users of application to connect.

    but when the Oracle server is up and running, still the Websphere is not allowing new connections . the exceptions it gives is " broken pipe exception " and
    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-08177: can't serialize access for this transaction

    what can i do to make websphere to act normal, even though, the oracle is stopped and restarted.

    pl suggest.

    Many Thanks,
  2. Now i beleive u r using a pool within websphere to connect to Oracle. If u r doin that then u have no option but to somehow kill/bring down pool and make sure that websphere brings up a new pool of sql connection. if the only way to do that is restarting websphere then that will be it. thats the way its supposed to work. IMHO websphere is acting very normal. let me know if u wanna know the reasons for "why is this normal ?"

    on the other hand if u r making a new connection everytime within ur application then i dont forsee any problem.