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    Hi, I was using Tomcat alone, but I heard that I have to add apache with it, because Tomcat is for dynamic pages like jsp and servlets and Apache make ststic pages load faster

    So now I installed Tomcat and Apache using the connector mod_webapp, my question now is :
    Do I have to work like before installing Appache ( I meant put everything in Tomcat) and in the browser use Apache port
    OR do I have to split the application in two, leave JSP and Servlets in Tomacat and create another directory in Apache just for static and images, if so should it be the same name as the one in Tomcat ?


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    You don't have to, but you should.

    Going from tomcat to apache is just an additonal link in the chain that is not necessary for most content. You really only want to forward over those things that require dynamic content.

    Additionally, you may decide to split up apache and tomcat to two different machines.

    The Jetty people claim that they do not need an apache server, that Jetty can handle both. I have not looked into this.