Best way to communicate between servers/services on an Intranet


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  1. Hi,
    Although I would love to play with the latest technology, I
    need to consider the best solution to meet our business
    needs. That Said. I am looking for the Best way to
    communicate between servers/services on an Intranet.
    We have a set of Java applications/servers/services (call
    them what ever you like) that act as servers and clients.
    They need to send data (large at times) between each other
    and notify each other of events. Since we are on an
    Intranet we have full control over issues of security,
    protocols, etc...
    The only real issue is that there are large amounts of data
    (1K to 50K to 8+MB) and they need to be transferred securely
    and quickly.
    Some though has been given to RMI, RMI/IIOP, EJB, JMS, HTTP,
    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. I think that FTP or HTTP transfer is probably easiest. You don't need to have SOAP, but just get connections and transfer.

    FTP is probably the best for transferring larger amounts of data, transfer it across, and then use HTTP to trigger a servlet at the receiver to notify it of the change.
  3. I would recommend using a JMS provider. There are numerous open source ones out there. They will p;rovide guarenteed once and only once deliver, can participate in transaction, etc.

    JBoss has one built in, I believe it is spider MQ.

    If you write your code to the JMS spec, you can use anything that supports it. IBM MQSeries is the leader in this area, if you need to go with the BIG iron. THere are many others.

    Also, You may want to look at the Java Connector Architecture. I read a brief article on it in the latest Javapro magazine.