JBoss connectable to AccessDB with CMP 2.0 ??


Performance and scalability: JBoss connectable to AccessDB with CMP 2.0 ??

  1. JBoss connectable to AccessDB with CMP 2.0 ?? (2 messages)

    I´ve got a question due to the compability of the MS Access Database with the JBoss-AppServer. Has anyone experience with this combination? Is it possible? Thanks for your answers! Michael
  2. Yes, I believe it is possible. In the docs (http://www.jboss.org/) there is an example of how to set up a DataSource to an Access database, if memory serves me.

    It is worth noting that Access is not really designed for scalable concurrent access, it is a desktop database...I have heard figures (on ASP lists, I am an old-school ASP developer orginally) that suggest limits off anywhere from 5 - 25 connections. I have not had many problems with using Access handling up to about 5 transactions/second.

    However, if you have an Office developer or professional license you can install a thing called MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine). This is a limited license version of SQL Server 7 that comes with all the features of SQL Server save that it is limited to 5 simultaneous connections (with pooling and such things this should be fine).

    A MSDE database can be linked to from an Access project to provide you witrh a development front-end.

  3. SQL server 2000 comes with personal editions which should serve the purpose too. I do not know the number of concurrent sessions it allows.