Java WebServices Developer Pack Early Access Now Available


News: Java WebServices Developer Pack Early Access Now Available

  1. Sun has released the Java WebServices Developer pack EA1 to provide access to early versions of the standard Java APIs for XML processing and WebServices being developed through the JCP process. The new release includes early releases of base XML technology (JAXP 1.2, including XML schema support), SOAP based RPC (JAX-RPC), SOAP-based messaging (JAXM), and registry client support (JAXR).

    The new release is available at

    Also check out the new Java Web Services Tutorial.
  2. Is this pack enough to develop java based web service application or do we need anything else too?
  3. Same question:

    I've studied the package and tried some examples. Everything worked fine, I've even registered with the IBM UDDI, but I didn't find anything that told me how to find something (a service) within an UDDI (eg. IBM) and to invoke it straightaway ?

    Did I miss something or is the package not suited for that purpose right now ?

    Oliver dot Lauer at axa dot de

  4. A Sun engineer told me to have a look at:

    "I recently posted a JAXR sample application that discovers all Organization
     that offer WSDL based Web Services. You may find it posted at the JAXR
     developer forum at the following URL:


    Oliver dot Lauer at axa dot de
  5. Tried the above but Yahoo said "There is no group called jaxr-disussion." Is there a typo?

  6. Take this one:
  7. I have discovered organizations. But. I have seen
    nothing in the tutorial or examples to discover
    the services that an organization publishes.