The SD Software Development Conference & Expo (April 22 - 26, San Jose) is a 5 day show that will feature over 180 classes & tutorials on J2EE, .NET, XML, Web Services and more. TheServerSide's own Floyd Marinescu will present 'Architect's Guide to EJB 2.0 Design Patterns', based on the design patterns developed on TheServerSide and in the book.

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Software Development Conference and Expo.

TheServerSide members an save $300 if you register with code "2WSPON".

Other interesting J2EE tracks include:

Extreme Programming on Large J2EE Projects
Mastering EJB: Best Practices for Project Management Comparing Java to C#
Daily Builds Are For Wimps - an XP case study based on a J2EE application
J2EE and EJB Design Patterns
Exposing J2EE Applications as Web Services
Understanding the Java Message Service
Demystifying How EJB Servers Work
Enterprise Java Beans - a full day tutorial
Java vs.C#: Comparisons and Contrasts - a special event led by Bruce Eckel and Richard Hale Shaw, this event is different than the class listed above