I want to do 3270 terminal screen scraping from inside a Java Servlet. I keep reading about Sun's "Pathway 3270" product, which gives me a KixEmulator object that does what I want. I've no need of the GUI.

However, although I see a few people claiming it works in a Servlet (there's a Java One presentation which shows this), this is nowhere in the doc. The doc only mentions supporting applets and standalone applications (not Servlets).

Is this because of the AWT thread?

While there is an option to make KixEmulator invisible, I wonder if it might still spit out AWT events and the AWT thread will still get created.

Won't this be a problem in Servlet containers, where we are
discouraged (but not forbidden, as in EJB) from managing our own threads?

It seems to work fine, and I don't really expect a problem, but is there a better way?

Before I heard of this product, I was going to use a C-language native client, SunLink's ehllapi.o, and wrap it with JNI, and drive some external emulator process (sun3270x). I don't like the native-code aspect of that, though.

How is this usually done? Any advice appreciated. ;)